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19.08.07 -Touchdown

Posted by Sigurd den august 20, 2007

So, touchdown in California in a Boing 747 – 400 means the creation of a new blogg. This is supposed to be a diary for everybody back in Tromsø and Norway to read. Mainly created for those of you who don’t have facebook….

Well, as you all can see. I’ve survived the 14 hours of traveling from Oslo through Paris to San Francisco International Airport. It was a long ride mostly used for sleeping and listening to music, but I got to know the two I sat next to. One was a banker from Togo, traveling to San Francisco to meet his brother which had studied there for several years. The other one was an engineer from India, working 6 months in India and 6 months in San Francisco each year. They were great guys, and they were more afraid about the traveling than me, so in a way they made me feel better about the trip.
Customs went without any trouble, but took a while. Two of my fraternity-brothers met me when I got out and we took a great half-hour drive from the airport to the Pi Kappa Alpha-house in Berkeley, where I’ll live. It’s still having some redecorating, so I might sleep in the couch for the first few day, but other than that it’s great. The TV is giganormous, there’s a table-tennis-table? and a fussballtable or whatever it’s called. Yeah, and we have three bars and we can see the Golden Gate bridge from the roof.

Tonight we’ll have a party (that’s what fraternities are for), and it’s 10 lovely days until the education starts. We’re 21 people living in the house and 5 members who live outside the house. We live diagonally across the road from the International House and there’s sororities and fraternities all around us.

Tomorrow I’ll get myself a bank-account, buy a cell-phone and try to get to know the city and campus. But first – PARTY IN THE HOUSE!


3 kommentar to “19.08.07 -Touchdown”

  1. Johan said

    Looking good! Togan businessman isn’t quite as surreal as penis-implant doctor-guy, but it’ll do.

    Woofer movie was awesome. Law school is serious business. Weather is crummy

    -teh johan

  2. Ranveig said

    Table-tennis-table: pingpong-table. Ranveig doesn’t know what to write, and she’s embarassed about her poor englishwriting-skills (wich I suspect aren’t bad at all, and way better than mine) so I’m writing for her. I think your in for a great few months….!
    Tomorrow is Auroras first day in kindergarten, and she’s very excited.


  3. Sigurd said

    Johan: What Woofer-movie? What am I missing out on?

    Robin: Remember to send lots of Aurora-pictures!

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